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The story of diligence and trust started from a small local manufacturer. 46 years ago, CutFe started in Istanbul-Turkey with the production of industrial knives. At that time our founders had already a great experience in the manufacturing of circular knives.

Today, Cutfe is operating under Rolmot Group and it is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial circular knives in Turkey. With years of experience, Cutfe is producing a range of products which meets the requirements of numerous different sectors.

It continues its production activities with its expert personnel and state-of-the-art machinery park in its factory built on a closed area of 2,000 m2.

As a full-range manufacturer and provider, CutFe is offering customized solutions to improve customers’ competitiveness.

Our main principles of production;

  • Human-oriented production with awareness of occupational health and safety obligations
  • Quality manufacturing at the specified standards
  • Timely and complete delivery
  • Affordable prices and payment options
  • Continuity in production
Our Certificates

Becoming a competitive and reliable organization in the European market by producing affordable solutions for our customers and to establish long- term business relationships with them.